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Amir man of words, deeds Kuwait lone voice in area in support of Palestinians

KUWAIT officially condemns the Israeli assault on Gaza through its authentic and firm stance. HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad in his first official speech against the Israeli aggression while receiving the leader of Hamas clearly and openly condemned brutality suffered by the people in ‘battered’ Gaza. Kuwait pressed on when many withdrew; Kuwait took a decision while others were hesitant; Kuwait opened its doors when doors were locked up. Many of them purposely or unintentionally reasoned that Hamas, which is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, began the assault against Zionists while some ignorant people suppose that members of the Brotherhood wage war against Israel, and that the group is to blame for commencing the war!
It is a silly speech by stupid people who lack the principle of humanity when they count illusory battles they have had with members of the Brotherhood. These ones are those who fight with air and forget that Gaza has been under siege on the land, air and sea for many years, and the decision to lift the blockade is in the hand of the enemy (Israel) and unfortunately Egypt. This means the people of Gaza choose between death and death!
Let’s go back to the professed Kuwaiti stance that reflects the long political standing and humanitarian passion of HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad who has dealt with Palestine and Gaza wisely by setting aside speeches and slogans and insisted on deeds. He proves that true men are identified by deeds, as he continues to support the Palestinian cause. He did not discriminate between Fateh and Hamas for the sake of Palestine and the truth.
To those who are not familiar with Kuwait, the visit of Khaled Meshal to the country may surprise them in view of the ongoing bloody conflict in Gaza and the Arab disagreement and disunity in that concern. The leader of Hamas was officially invited to the country to make provision for Gaza behind camera. Without showing superiority, HH the Amir received Meshal and knowing the territory requires support, the Amir condemned the Zionist aggression. The visit of Meshal provoked several comments; some analysts believed the visit aimed to settle affairs between Kuwait’s Brotherhood members and the government, while others said it aspired to convince HH the Amir on the Turkish-Qatari ceasefire initiative and other issues. 
I do not think that Meshal came all the way to Kuwait to mediate or talk about Kuwaiti internal affairs while Gaza is on fire. Political sagacity or ethics disallow that, although Khalid Meshal had spent his youth in Kuwait. I believe he came to discuss initiative which can only be established on Kuwait’s official declaration of support and compliance with Egyptian plan. On such visits, it is not proper to just say anything we know- especially on matters that affect international relations and cover several sensitive or confidential cases.
The campaign of Kuwait Red Crescent Society which opened the door for collecting donations for Gaza sounds excellent. It reflects official and popular solidarity and devotion to ‘Palestine’ when the absence of international feedback is clearly noticed, although many political analyses have been made in this domain. Whatever Kuwait does is a duty to its brothers. The country will remain free in adopting sincere principles to support issues that affect Arabs and Muslims, particularly Palestine. 
I entreat Almighty Allah to accept martyrs who have died and help the injured ones to recover and then protect the people of Gaza from brutal aggression. I entreat Allah to protect the Arab countries like Syria, Iraq and Libya which are suffering more grievous issues than what is happening in Gaza at the moment.
By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

By: Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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