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Call to probe late arrival of ambulance as scribe dies Hunt for clues as drugs kill Kuwaiti citizen

KUWAIT CITY, July 21: After the publication of a news report on the death of mediaman Mohammad Al-Jamal inside the Al-Qabas newspaper building and reports that the ambulance arrived 30 minutes late and instead of helping the ‘sick’ had to carry his remains to the morgue, many readers wondered about the statement which was issued by the former health minister Dr Mohammad Al-Haifi last year which brought good news to the citizens when he said the minimum time taken by an ambulance to reach accident sites was 9 minutes well within the international standards of between 8 to 10 minutes, reports Al-Qabas daily.

“Therefore, we call on the Minister of Health to open an immediate investigation into the cause of the late arrival of the ambulance Friday afternoon when the streets were almost empty, not because Al-Jamal was a mediaman, but because we believe that many of those who lost their dear ones is because of the failure of the ambulance to reach in time, or weakness of supervision, or lack of technical capabilities. To be fair, perhaps may be the Ministry of Health in Kuwait is far advanced and more superior than many countries in relief and aid services, and this is what we hope for, but probably it is quite the opposite, this is what we want to understand from the ministry in light of the contradictory reality, in many cases.
Drugs kill citizen: The remains of an unidentified Kuwaiti youth who was found dead in his bed apparently from an overdose of drugs have been referred to Forensics, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, after paramedics and police rushed to the home of the victim after the family informed the Operations Department of the Ministry of Interior, they found drug pills near the bed. Police have opened an investigation into the death looking for alleged accomplices.

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