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‘Kuwait will not face electricity crisis’ Minister Al-Ibrahim tours north Al-Zour power station

KUWAIT CITY, July 21:  Minister of Public Works, Electricity and Water Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim has affirmed that Kuwait will not witness electricity crisis in the future, reports Al-Seyassh daily. Al-Ibrahim made the statement in a press conference after he toured North Al-Zour power station.  He said this project is progressing as planned and it is expected to produce 220 megawatts by June next year. He also announced a new lineup of electricity and water desalination projects which will be put up for bidding in six months with a total estimated cost of KD 3 billion.  He confirmed the ministry has the ability to fill the gap between production and consumption that led to power cut-offs in the past years.

He disclosed the ministry signed two projects in May 2013 for additional production of 1,000 megawatts.  He expects one of these projects to be operational in the first quarter of the coming year, indicating 70 percent of the projects had been completed.  He went on to say the current electricity production is more than 14,000 megawatts. He explained the ministry deals with the electrical network in line with a prior plan by studying the extra load and expected annual hike to lay down plans for the establishment of new stations, affirming the current production matches the expansion of the housing sector.

He also confirmed floating a tender for the installation of prepaid meters on experimental basis to assess its success before generalizing it to avoid any problem in the future. In a related development, Al-Ibrahim revealed the ministry usually witnesses critical periods in the electricity network from July 20 to Aug 20 every year due to the remarkable increase in consumption as temperature rises.  He urged consumers to cooperate with the ministry by using electricity judiciously.  He added the highest consumption rate this year was registered on June 11 — 12,410 megawatts.

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