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Residence transfer

I am an Indian who came to Kuwait in August 2013 on an Article 18 visa (work permit) as a shepherd. I have been told by the mandoup (company representative) that this is my own visa and can work anywhere as I paid KD800 for it.

I have been recently recruited by another company have been working for the same firm for the last three months.

Now the company where I am working wants to give me residence. Can I transfer to this company? My current residence, as a shepherd, is valid for one year and will expire soon.

Name withheld

Answer: No, you can’t transfer to another company before completion of three years with your current firm unless you are a university graduate, in which case you will be able to transfer before completion of even one year. At the moment you can’t.

Secondly, don’t go around saying that you paid for the visa. If the authorities learn about it you could face legal action. There is nothing called a personal visa. Anyone who purchases or accepts payment for a residence transaction can be arrested, taken to court, sent to prison and even deported.

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