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No jobs for elderly: CSC ‘Those rejecting offers not on list’

KUWAIT CITY, July 20: Director of Manpower Public Authority in Civil Service Commission (CSC) Faisal Al-Bassam said 14,275 citizens registered recently in the central recruitment system to apply for jobs in the government sector, reports Al-Qabas daily. Al-Bassam revealed the CSC sorted the list of applicants and deleted those who reached 65 years. He explained the system allows all citizens to register and be on the waiting list for government jobs but those who reached the legal retirement age will not be considered.

He said some citizens had repeatedly rejected job offers from certain government institutions while many female citizens do not have the required academic qualifications. He stressed the need to remove those who have rejected job offers from the roster of applicants as their attitude only shows they are not interested in working in such institutions. He pointed out the applicants did not mention the institution which they wish to join when they registered in order to avoid repeated refusal in case they are recommended for employment in departments they do not prefer.

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