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MPs to submit ‘grilling request’ against minister of social affairs Dashti says surprised by reaction

KUWAIT CITY, July 20: A number of lawmakers will submit a grilling request against Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hend Al-Subaih regarding violations committed by some charity societies and donor organizations unless legal procedures are taken against them, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting reliable sources. Sources said there have been suspicions on the activities of these societies as they have started interfering in political affairs, not to mention links with certain external organizations banned in their respective countries.

Sources clarified the lawmakers will take some steps prior to the submission of the interpellation request, such as holding a meeting with the minister and those in charge of the files of these charity societies. Sources said recommendations and observations on the procedures that must be taken will be submitted to the ministry. Sources added if these steps do not yield the desired results, then the lawmakers will push through with their plan to submit the grilling request.

Meanwhile, MP Abdulhameed Dashti admitted he was surprised by the hysterical reaction of some members of the nullified Parliament - which he calls the Parliament of destruction of Al-Saadoun - when he submitted questions to the ministers of National Assembly Affairs, Oil, Commerce and Justice on the properties of these former MPs, their wives and first-degree relatives; including farms, livestock pens, real estate, land and industrial plots, reports Al-Seyassah daily.
Dashti believes the abusive and offensive statements uttered by those people clearly indicate they dread the day when their scandalous acts will be exposed. He asserted, “We practice our constitutional right and submit questions as representatives of the nation. It is our right to disclose hidden facts in line with the principle of transparency.” It has been reported that members of the nullified Parliament Mohammed Al-Dallal, Mubarak Al-Walan, Osama Al-Menawir and Abdulrahman Al-Anjari launched scathing attacks against Dashti without confirming or refuting his allegation on the allocation of farms and plots to their relatives. Al-Anjari claimed Dashti received instructions from the young Parliament Speaker to pose questions regarding members of the former parliamentary majority.

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