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Visas for Bangladeshis

I am from Bangladesh. Kuwait is contributing to the development of Bangladesh by providing jobs to many Bangladeshi workers.

Now the Bangladeshis are much better educated and can perform their duty properly. But for the moment we continue to suffer as the issuance of new visas for Bangladeshis has been stopped since a very long time.

While we all Bangladeshis request the Kuwait government to restart the issuance of Bangladeshi visas,  we would like to know if there is any information on whether this ban will be lifted soon.

Name withheld

Answer: We really can’t give you an answer because we don’t speculate or predict government policy.

The decision to impose this ban was taken several years by the Kuwait government for “security reasons”. At the same time, a similar ban was imposed on some other countries — Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan-but the ban on two of these countries was partially lifted for certain categories.

So far, there has been no mention when the ban on issuance of visas for Bangladeshis will be lifted, so you will have to wait until the Kuwait government finds the conditions “conducive” for the ban to be lifted.

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