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Court quashes 4-year jail term against 3 citizens in drugs case Two expats get 2-year imprisonment

KUWAIT CITY, July 19: The Court of Appeals, presided over by Judge Nasr Al-Heed, overturned the verdict of the First Instance Court, which had sentenced two citizens to four years in prison with hard labor and fined them KD 1,000 each for the possession and consumption of drugs. Case files indicate the arresting officer was on duty in Al-Rigae when he noticed a vehicle parked in the middle of the road.  He approached the vehicle for routine inspection which led to the discovery that the motorist — a citizen — was wanted by law.  He then asked the suspect to go to the patrol vehicle and empty his pocket. However, he was surprised when the suspect got a knife and attacked him causing injuries.  He presented a medical report to substantiate his claim.  He also found a roll of hashish inside the vehicle.  
According to the officer, results of the urine samples of the suspect and his companion — also a citizen — showed traces of drugs.  Attorney Abdulmohsen Al-Qattan, who represented the motorist’s companion in court, pointed out loopholes in the procedures taken by the officer in arresting his client.  He argued the officer stopped the motorist to check his civil information before he committed a traffic violation; yet, he does not have the right to inspect the companion without any justification.
Meanwhile, the Court of Appeals overturned the verdict issued by the First Instance Court which sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen to four-year imprisonment for possessing hashish and ‘avion’ drug. The court instead acquitted the defendant of all charges. According to the case files, the arresting officer saw the defendant standing in front of his residence in a disoriented state and searched his pocket to find seven wraps of hashish and a can of dark green substance suspected to be ‘avion’. A test that was conducted on the suspect’s urine confirmed the suspicion. However, defense counsel Attorney Saud Al-Shammari consistently denied the allegation throughout the proceedings, faulting the procedures followed by the officer to search and arrest his client without an official warrant from the Public Prosecution.
Duo gets 2-year jail: The Misdemeanor Court presided over by Judge Ahmad Al-Shimmari sentenced two expatriates to two-year imprisonment for swindling 50 Kuwaiti citizens under the pretext of promoting resorts in Sharm el-Sheikh and Lebanon. According to the case files, the Public Prosecution accused the suspects of swindling the citizens after falsely informing them about a project for them to share which includes hotels, hospitals, etc. The first suspect presented himself as an administrative and financial manager of the project while the second suspect claimed he was an administrative agent of the project. Both suspects stole money from the 50 victims. Attorney Enam Haider filed a petition against the suspects on behalf of the victims, insisted that the suspects deceived her clients and stole their money by telling lies about working in a company that offers them gifts and discounts in some companies including stay in hotels outside the country. 
By Jaber Al-Humoud
Al-Seyassah Staff

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