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Ministry takes measures to chuck out Brotherhood influence in department ‘Seditious brochures distributed inside the mosque’

KUWAIT CITY, July 19:  Ministry of Awqaf has initiated measures to chuck out members of the Muslim Brotherhood dominating the sector of Islamic Studies, reports al-Seyassah daily. The new decision issued by managing director of the sector Bader Al-Dhafiri will curb the influence of the Brotherhood Movement to curtail series of abuse and irregularities. The step led to the intervention of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Acting Minister of Awqaf Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid in preventing suspicious promotions and reshuffling.

The appointment of Al-Dhafiri exposed the extent of the Brotherhood Movement’s penetration in the structure of Islamic Studies Department and some sectors of Awqaf Ministry, and he was prompted to issue administrative circulars obliging the concerned personnel to abide by law and regulations of Civil Service Commission. Informed sources disclosed the Undersecretary of Awqaf Ministry Adel Al-Falah interrupted his vacation and he’s expected in office on Sunday, noting the circular and new decisions signify the challenge of getting rid of the dominance of some Islamic blocs.
Meanwhile, users of social networking sites circulated photos of brochures that were distributed in a mosque at Faiha recently to incite the public against the ruler, reports al-Shahed daily. A security source said an extremist had entered Ahmad bin Hanbal mosque and distributed the brochures-each containing four pages, to incite people against the ruler. Some tweeters said the distribution of brochures is part of plan by the Muslim Brotherhood to bring down the ruling system. They called upon the concerned authorities to take tougher measures against those involved in the plan to undermine the state security and safety, and to protect the youth against radical ideas.

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