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Homeland dignity saved by ‘dignified decisions’

THE decision has been taken and excuses have fallen.  The government will not return to the old track by showing leniency towards what happened recently.  It is now time to implement laws to discipline those who do not fear Allah in a country that has provided them with all the means to live a prosperous life.  The nation has granted them an identity, yet they violated the law and attacked national symbols.  Moreover, they pushed the country into the alleys of chaos which only Allah, the Almighty, knows where it would lead Kuwait.
Influence (wasta), disrespect, kissing noses or even mourning will not prevent the government from withdrawing the nationality of some naturalized citizens and those with dual citizenship who were involved in riots.  Nothing can stop it from punishing all those behind a mean plot that targeted Kuwait.
Those who depended on ‘wasta’ to save themselves should have learned a lesson from the one-vote system, which has become a real compass to revive the spirit of democracy after it was almost smothered by a parliamentary dictatorship that leaned on loud voices, blackmail and exaggeration in suspending legislative and governmental proceedings.
This group even encouraged hundreds of teenagers, children and youths to demand for cancellation of the one-vote system.  Through its destructive imagination, the group created the so-called ‘Journey of Homeland Dignity’ series.  Nevertheless, the journey merely reflected the disappointment of ‘ravens’ over their failure to re-join the National Assembly.  They keep on hoping the political leadership will cancel its historic decision which was taken in line with the will of the people.
Before that, they attempted to intimidate noble people who stood against them; hurling accusations like involvement in bribery and the multi-million deposit scam.  They sought to tarnish the image and reputation of the country’s icons.  They coordinated efforts with foolish individuals, Muslim Brotherhood and those who suffered material losses due to this decision.  Yet, their evil attempts always turned against them.
These people took destructive steps, including disruption of public order and damaging private and public properties, because of this decision that rectified loopholes in the parliamentary representation system.  Their reaction revealed their destructive plans, especially their attempt to occupy the Grand Mosque of Kuwait and to revive the mockery of ‘Rabaa Al-Adawiya Square’ here.  However, the Ministry of Interior foiled their evil plans which can be described as grievous conspiracy.
Mistaken is the one who assumes the government will hesitate in taking disciplinary measures after what Kuwait had experienced. The decision taken by the government is according to the will of the populace.  Indeed, it was what the people of Kuwait wanted from their leadership and have waited for a long time. 
Therefore, no door, window or not even a hole on the wall will be opened to allow the use of ‘wasta’ which, by the way, is another factor that gave some people the audacity to transgress and offend the State icons and security officers, up to an extent the country was about to perish. 
 By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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