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Stop gambling in blood

THE number of victims in the Israeli assault brought on Gaza by Hamas is currently 2,400. The government of Netanyahu has since launched a ground operation which will lead to more destruction while the movement that controls the Gaza strip remains obstinate, although it has failed to breach Israeli lines to inflict just five percent of the loss suffered by Palestinians. Inspite of this, Hamas assures the people of victory!
We have been afflicted in the Arab world by the actions of some crooks who are not ashamed of gambling with the blood of innocent people to the extent that we learn in advance what one of them will say tomorrow or even in a month, as they read from the same book. In 2006, Hassan Nasrallah gradually drew Israel to invade Lebanon and the entire world witnessed one of the most terrible tragedies in modern history. Few months later, Nasrallah, without shame, announced “I would not have taken the decision to kidnap the two Israeli soldiers if I knew the response would be like this”.
Nasrallah needed 33 days of murder and destruction to understand the need for ceasefire. Does Hamas need 33 days of Israeli inferno to realize it needs to suspend the military operations? Wouldn’t it be more useful for Hamas to give way to the Palestinian peacemaking government and its leader Mahmoud Abbas to work on ending the siege and the blockade of Gaza Strip to prevent a huge cost of blood, or does Hamas suppose by doing so the political cost will be high for them, and they will come close to the mockery of ‘’divine victory’’ that emerges after submitting and announcing a ceasefire? This is exactly what happened with Nasrallah eight years ago, despite the fact that he regretted the decision he took, although he considered what had happened to be divine victory based on Israel’s failure to achieve its targets. In this regard, Nasrallah did not see the loss of 1,300 Lebanese lives; scores of injured people and millions of displaced citizens, in addition to the destruction of infrastructure and thousands of homes in Lebanon.
The ongoing event in Gaza is a mere political jest and gambling with innocent blood of defenseless Palestinians. In fact, the Palestinian issue was and continues to be the source of gambling for some Palestinian factions since 1948. 
There hasn’t been any initiative proposed to solve the issue without having people whose objectives are to prevent and hamper such developments or even kill such initiatives from their cradle, to a point where they had almost accepted about 40 percent of the land stated in the UN resolution number 181. Of course, the conflict will continue to be a Palestinian conflict until they are left with less than 10 percent of the land, including the Gaza Strip.
It is sad the most sacred and catastrophic Arab issue has lost many opportunities just because of a series of Palestinian political gambling, which has been continued for the past 66 years and has become a tool in the hands of Israel to put the Arab world asunder.
In this painful and bitter reality, isn’t it time for the people of Palestine to stand up against those who are gambling with their blood; nation and destiny, so that they can get out of the hell of unnecessary deaths to the disadvantage of the blood traders?

 By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times 

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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