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Citizenship procedures not aimed at taking ‘revenge’, say sources ‘No threat against anybody to withdraw citizenship’

KUWAIT CITY, July 17: The procedures approved by the Cabinet in its meeting Monday are not aimed at taking revenge on those who participated in demonstrations, withdraw their citizenship randomly, and put an end to charity works, charity societies and committees, reports Al-Sabah daily quoting governmental sources. This came after the spread of allegations in various social networking sites.  Sources explained the executive authority cannot take revengeful procedures as some people claim because it is the government of the Kuwaiti nation and it practices its powers in the name of HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.  Sources affirmed the government cannot think of taking revenge on any Kuwaiti as it was formed to serve the homeland and realize its ambitions.

Sources pointed out the Cabinet did not ask for new laws or exceptional legislation to deal with the recent incidents in the country. They said the Cabinet merely gave instructions to Interior Ministry to activate law number 15/1959 regarding the conditions or requirements on citizenship and national belongingness. Moreover, the Cabinet has also instructed the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to confront legally and strictly any violation committed by the societies of public utilities by ignoring their role in the society or practicing political activities and encouraging chaos.

The same sources confirmed there is no threat against anybody to withdraw his citizenship, as the Cabinet just gave instruction to apply the law impartially. Thus, the government authorities remain committed to laws when dealing with demonstrators; so each person who takes part in such activities has to comply with the law and keep himself away from destruction or chaos. They further said Deputy Premier, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid met some days ago the chairpersons of a number of charitable societies and committees.  Sources disclosed this meeting is considered the country’s direct appreciation of charity work and belief in its importance in societies.
They affirmed the government is keen on maintaining Kuwait’s security and stability which is a noble objective that must be realized through the coordinated efforts of political powers, citizens and institutions. On the other hand, the National Alliance Bloc has rejected the idea of bargaining on the issue of citizenship; warning about the danger of dragging the concept of citizenship into political conflicts.  It refused using the paper of citizenship as punishment for the ‘third’ person’s opinion. The bloc clarified in its statement that the step of withdrawing citizenship is a violation against the Constitution and human rights, indicating any violation should be handled within the legal framework, not to withdraw citizenship. It stressed, at the same time, the importance of protecting freedom of expression and opinion. 
Meanwhile, a large number of citizens and experts affiliated to Islamic political groups hailed the decisions taken by the Cabinet to activate laws of citizenship and public utility societies, stressing that the decisions are aimed for the good of the country, reports Al-Seyassah daily. They demanded necessary legal procedures to be taken against the Social Reform Society and withdrawal of citizenship of troublemakers who support terrorism inside and outside the country.
Experts affirmed the need to close the Muslim Brotherhood Group and its sister concerns for preserving the security and stability of the homeland. They said the decisions of the executive authority indicate that it has started realizing the hazards of allowing such groups into various institutions of the country.
Professor of Political Sciences at Kuwait University and Columnist Dr Shamlan Al-Issa said a decision by the government to shut down the Social Reform Society will be a historical one during its tenure.
He affirmed that he supports the need to apply law impartially on all, asking, “If the government had earlier closed down societies that were affiliated to the National Labor Bloc, then why doesn’t it do the same with the Islamic groups?” He stressed that a serious stance must be adopted towards the Islamic groups especially since they have more than 200 charitable committees. Researcher on Islamic Political Groups Aisha Al-Rasheed has asked HH the Prime Minister to protect Kuwait from corrupt people who are responsible for destructive activities and violations of law in the country.
She said, “Some political groups call themselves as ‘parties’ without obtaining any legal support or permission”, adding some people were granted Kuwaiti citizenship and received the price for selling Kuwait publicly. “Where is the law in this case?” she asked. She indicated that the officials in Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs have helped many members of the Muslim Brotherhood Group to enter the country. “They gathered, selected ‘Morshid’ and formed a parallel government and Shoura Council. So where is the law?” Al-Rasheed demanded.

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