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Parliament to take up alternative salary scale in next session: MP ‘Law-abiding expat should not be mistreated’

KUWAIT CITY, July 17: The proposed strategic alternative salary scale will be presented to the Parliament in the next legislative round, says acting Parliament Speaker MP Yakoub Al-Sanei. Al-Sanei made the statement after his meeting with Head of Unions of Government Institutions, Authorities and Kuwait Port Authority Union Ali Sakouni and his deputy Abdullah Al-Mutairi at the Parliament. Affirming that the bill will eliminate disparity in the salaries of Kuwaiti employees, Al-Sanei said the proposal is not only about unification of the salary scale because it also includes regulations related to public, supervisory and leadership jobs. 
In another development, Al-Sanei thanked members of the Parliament and the government for passing the Indemnity Law for civilian and military personnel, as well as those working in the private sector. Al-Sanei confirmed that the Human Resources Development Committee, which he heads, will not forget the retirees’ pension. He explained the Indemnity Law serves the interests of all national employees. He pointed out the cooperation of the Parliament with civil society institutions has greatly contributed to efforts to ratify the law in a bid to ensure equality among the employees.
On another issue, Al-Sanei has presented a proposal to establish an office in every cooperative society to receive and complete transactions for the elderly and people with special needs. He disclosed the office will be equipped with computers, printers, scanners and wireless devices connected to the State’s main network; in addition to qualified personnel.
Meanwhile, MP Abdul-Hameed Dashti said the Board of Directors of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) issued in 2013 a decision to refer for retirement those who occupy leadership and supervisory posts in oil companies with 35 years service. He asserted the decision includes a stipulation on the need to apply it on everyone but KPC has allegedly exempted some employees. He then asked Oil Minister Ali Al-Omair to strictly apply the decision without exemption.
MP Kamel Al-Awadhi has affirmed that deportation is the right of the State but it should be done in accordance with a court order, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Stressing the need to strictly follow procedures, Al-Awadhi said the deportation right should not be abused.  He pointed out the law states that any law-abiding expatriate with valid residency permit should not be mistreated.  He added any foreigner who offends the country, lives here illegally and is involved in absconding or other cases must be deported.
Nonetheless, Al-Awadhi denounced the deportation of some individuals who raised political slogans without being given the chance to defend themselves or to be investigated.  He was quick to add though that expatriates must not put Kuwait in an embarrassing diplomatic situation with their home countries.  He said Kuwait given many considerations regarding other Arab countries which are experiencing political turmoil, but it doesn’t mean overlooking issues related to public security and order which expatriates are supposed to adhere to even in their countries.
According to Al-Awadhi, Kuwait opens its doors to all and everyone who comes here are expected to respect the laws.  He explained the State has no duty to teach expatriates about its laws as this is the responsibility of Kuwaitis and the expatriates themselves in order to avoid legal problems.  He added that respect for the law will protect the reputation of Kuwait in the international community, especially amongst the human rights organizations.
He also emphasized the fact that implementation of the laws is not about playing with the conscience of the people and spoiling their livelihoods.  He asserted the laws are clear and downright in terms of protecting the rights of others and procedures to be followed before issuing deportation orders through the court. He then urged the expatriates to protect the status of Kuwait and to abide by its laws, and in return, the whole nation will stand with everyone to ensure it remains the hidden pearl which is not harmed by words or actions.  He said all this can be done through understanding and love. He also praised the wisdom of the ministers of interior and awqaf in handling the case of an imam who, in turn, lauded the level of professionalism exhibited by security bodies.

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim

Arab Times Staff and Agencies

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