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PASS labor syndicate slams legal action move Authority urges its employees on strike to resume work immediately

KUWAIT CITY, July 17: Public Authority for Social Security (PASS) urged its employees embarking on strike to resume work immediately or else law will be applied to ensure the continuity of work for the benefit of the general public and welfare of citizens, reports Al-Anba daily.

The statement clearly denounces the trend of refraining from work, as law stipulates that payment should be made only if the work is performed. For his part, the Director of PASS Hamad Al-Humaidhi said the statement is in line with constitutional and legal principles which extend the responsibility of work to all citizens and specify public appointment as national service. The workers are required to stick to their jobs during official working hours to accomplish the task on a regular basis without frustrating public discipline or national interest.

Meanwhile, labor syndicate of PASS lamented the recent general statement in which Al-Humaidhi announced the intention to take legal action against the employees embarking on strike, adding the decision to refrain from work was not individual but corporate decision by the syndicate as per constitutional principles to express rights and protect public funds and control corruption.
In this context, Attorney Nawaf Al-Mutairi said the employees denounce threats the administration has been making to cover its failure, although the person who misused public funds and unduly approved promotions is responsible for suspending citizens’ interests.

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