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Japan top France to claim U-19 Football Championship 5th place Germany down Kuwait for 7th

KUWAIT CITY, July 16: Day 4 of the U-19 American Football World Championship concluded with Japan taking 5th place, France in 6th, Germany in 7th, and last but not least Kuwait in 8th place in the championship. Japan snatched victory and with it the 5th place in the championship as it won against France in a heated match that ended with 30 points to 7 for Japan, leaving the French team no other choice but to settle for 6th.  
In the other hand, Kuwait went against Germany with everything they’ve got, but Germany retaliated with more brute force, considering both teams have not won any of their previous matches, both are eager to conclude the championship with at least one win in their record.
But sadly, due to the difference in experience, the match ended with 74 points for Germany and nil for Kuwait, which gave the 7th place to Germany and the 8th to Kuwait.
First place is still up for grabs, as Canada and America will be pitched against each other tonight, at the Al-Nasr sports club in the final match of the championship that will determine which of the two teams will go back home as champions. 
Following the match ups, French coach Oliver Mooray expressed his interest in some of the members of the Kuwaiti team, as he revealed that France is prepared to recruit 5 to 10 players from the team, in order for them to be trained, giving them a brighter future in this sport.
He added that they will be trained in physical endurance as well as tactical executions at special institutions in France, and if necessary, they will be given a course in French language.
Coach Mooray considers this proposal as a token of recognition and trust to the Kuwaiti team for their admirable performance in this championship, keeping in mind that this is their first ever participation in a high scale competition.
Moreover, coach Mooray pointed out that although the sport was established in France back in 1983, and currently house over 200 sport clubs with 30 thousand American Football players, the French team was only able to win one game in this championship, which was against Kuwait.
Therefore clarifying that Kuwait’s heavy loss in this championship is understandable.
The coach also expressed his astonishment on the level of quality delivered by the Kuwaiti organizing team, noting that organizing a championship let alone a “world championship” is a very difficult task to undertake, considering there are no specialized fields in the country, and the large number of members in each team, extending his gratitude to Kuwait as a host and as a team.
 By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb
Arab-Times Staff

By: Ahmed Al-Naqeeb

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