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Dashti forwards questions ‘Follow law on citizenship’

KUWAIT CITY, July 16: MP Abdul-Hameed Dashti has asked Minister of Oil and State Minister for National Assembly Affairs Ali Al-Omair to provide him with copies of certificates issued by the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR); showing that some former MPs, their wives and relatives possess farms, animal pens, agricultural plots, real estate properties, fish ponds and other assets from Jan 1, 1996 till date. The former MPs include Mubarak Al-Duwailah, Mohammed Al-Dallal, Waleed Al-Tabatabei, Mubarak Al-Walaan, Faisal Al-Mislem, Abdul-Rahman Al-Anjari, Saifi Al-Saifi, Khalid Al-Tahous, Khalid Shukhair, Hamad Al-Matar and Jaman Al-Harbash.

Dashti has also forwarded another set of questions to Commerce and Industry Minister Abdul-Mohsen Al-Modej. He asked the minister to provide him details on industrial land and other related assets registered in the Public Authority for Industry (PAI) under the names of these former MPs, their wives and first-degree relatives within the same period. He requested for other information like the trade name, area of land, location and transfer of agricultural or industrial plots, if any.
On the government’s decision to review the citizenship files of some naturalized Kuwaitis, Dashti claimed certain political groups are trying to thwart efforts to strengthen national unity and strictly apply laws in the State of institutions. He pointed out Kuwaitis have been asking the political leadership and the government to address demographic issues; as well as naturalization, dual citizenship and forgery.
On the interrogation of citizens who participated in violent demonstrations, Dashti asserted these people have obtained citizenship through legal channels; hence, there is no justification for the cancellation of their citizenship. However, if the citizenship is obtained illegally, such as those with dual citizenship which contravenes the Citizenship Law, then they should be stripped off their nationality. 
He expressed objection to the idea of canceling citizenship if obtained legally; indicating that if the person committed a crime, he should be punished as per the Penal Code in which the maximum penalty is execution and he should be buried in Sulaibikhat Graveyard because he is a Kuwaiti.
He affirmed support for the government and interior minister in their bid to strictly apply the law without succumbing to pressure from anyone. He said the political leadership and all State institutions are duty-bound to maintain national security and stability.
Meanwhile, MP Mohammad Tana has forwarded questions to acting minister of education and higher education regarding the opening a branch of the Applied Institute for Girls in Jahra. He said the institute was established in the country to accommodate the growing number of middle and high school students, so his questions are important because of the recurring problem in the admission of students and large number of graduates every year. He wants to know when the ministry will open the branch in Taima, knowing that this structure is ready nearly two years ago. He asked about the reasons for the delayed opening of the branch and admission of students.

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