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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
World Cup showcases women as winners; Some here ... near should feel a little shame

THE World Cup football matches gave us an opportunity to turn our minds away from meager local issues which all this time had occupied our minds like a bracelet on the wrist. On the local front the World Cup matches diverted our attention from the chaotic rallies which were craftily organized by the Kuwait branch of the Brotherhood Movement in violation of the laws causing destruction of public and private property and demolishing the institutions as was done in Egypt in the ‘republic of Morsi’ which has become their habit and religion.
The chaos sent the people scurrying for safety and all this happened just because the secretary-general of the so-called HASHD movement was detained for ten days — later reduced to only six days. It was a silly move. We did not see anything like this even when Nelson Mandela was jailed for 29 years.
At territorial level, we saw with a taste of disgust in our mouths what recently happened in brotherly Iraq when some immature DAESH radicals occupied some parts of Northern Iraq — an area 5 times bigger than Kuwait.
What was even more disgusting was to see some odd people among us openly supporting DAESH simplifying its danger. This behavior is condemned by the entire world — people of diverse religions, sects and civilizations — unlike Arabs and Muslims whose horizons are narrow but they are proud of this ‘legacy’.
Let us go back to our topic — our enjoyment for a few hours — and the rest we take from the local and territorial disturbances by following up the activities of this championship which takes place once every four years.
What I would like to highlight and write about is what was behind the final match which was played on Sunday (July 13, 2014). This is perhaps because nobody focused on it since they were busy following what was happening on the playground analyzing the reasons for win or loss for the respective teams.
I would like to write about the fact that three women controlled what happened on the afternoon of this historical Sunday in the famous Maracanã Stadium. The three women who were at the center stage were Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor; and Cristina Fernandez, President of Argentina whose countries contested for soccer glory and Dilma Roussef the President of the host nation Brazil.
These three women rule three of the most populous countries — millions of people. Moreover, they came to power through free, fair and democratic elections — the elections contested by experienced and revered men but these three women came out victorious.
Mrs Merkel, whose team won the World Cup, boasts of the strongest economy in the world. Its developed west unified with its relatively underdeveloped east some years ago. This is a good enough example for us. We are no longer able to differentiate between the people of the west and their counterparts in the east in terms of progress.
To the contrary we see our nations torn apart by sects and groups and infighting. These are the same circumstances which Germany experienced four centuries ago but today the Germans walk with their heads held high.
Three women rule three big nations in the world and some of us still think that a woman’s religion and mind are incomplete. Some of us still use the word ‘Tekram’ to describe our wives as if they are less valuable.
In our view the place of a woman is in the bedroom or kitchen of the house. And yet some of us even call for sending our women on ‘sex jihad’ to satisfy the desires of jihadist men.
The list in many ‘black areas’ of our homelands is endless and yet a woman is part of mankind and an honored creation of Almighty Allah as is mentioned in the Holy Quran ‘We have honored mankind’. Allah did not say ‘We have honored men’.
A woman is honored in most parts of the world except by some religious ‘pretenders’. We advise them to feel a little ashamed of themselves because women all over the world have reached the pinnacle. This is in sharp contrast to how some of the backward, immature and ignorant men treat the women in their part of the world.
By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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