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I am Indian national working in Kuwait as an IT professional and meet all the requirements to bring in my family.

I have married a divorced woman from Singapore and she has a male child of 7 years from the previous marriage.

Now she alone in Kuwait without the child and within a few days her residence will be stamped by the Immigration Department.

Since her son is studying in Singapore, we didn’t bring him to Kuwait but want to bring him now and put him in one of schools in Kuwait

Can I sponsor her child. The father of child is not Islamic and fond of the Chinese type of lifestyle and my wife has the custody of her son.

What is the way to bring her son with us to Kuwait.

Name withheld

Answer: You should not face any difficulty in getting the child into Kuwait as long as your wife has the following two things:

1. The divorce papers

2. The custody papers for the child

So, you can apply for the dependent visa of the child but you may have to see a senior officer of the Immigration Department for the purpose because sometimes the clerk at the counter may not understand your relationship with the child.

Besides the above papers, you will need the birth certificate of the child, an affidavit (attested by your embassy and the Kuwait Foreign Ministry showing your ties to the child), the child’s passport copy, a copy of your and your wife’s Civil ID cards, the rental contract and a copy of your work permit.

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