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Gaza and military atrocities ‘Don’t trust any person who promises to protect you’

AFTER more than two weeks of the Israeli-Palestinian confrontation, the stubbornness of Palestinian armed organizations did not subside; neither did it ease Israeli despotism. As a result, the portrait of violence is extending to more victims in Gaza. Lack of genuine accord among the Palestinian armed organizations and the government of national unity opens the door wide for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to destroy homes in Gaza whenever he wants.
The security disorder in Gaza will not stop the circle of revenge that is currently taking a very dangerous direction. The Israeli army announced few days ago its plan to divide Gaza Strip into four squares so as to destroy it completely. The plan which started with air strikes will most likely be converted to a ground attack. 
Sorry to say, Hamas by its deranged actions and rashness is rather helping the enemy to exterminate the people of Gaza intentionally or unintentionally, as the confrontation between Hamas and Israeli military is not on the same level. Hamas is urged to release the crutch from the petrol pedal to reduce the litter of corpses they collect en route their illusive journey to free Jerusalem! 
The level of provocation by Hamas increases the blood-spill in Gaza, without genuine or false interference of the international community. I suppose the international community is telling Hamas indirectly it deserves the consequences of acts it committed by its own hands. 
Even so, is it legal for Israel to react to provocation through such offensive military strikes? Is it perpetrating real ‘holocaust’ against the people of Gaza to commemorate the inglorious ‘Irgun Winston’ and open the wound of 1948? Perhaps, the person who stopped thinking about the massacre of Deer Yassen knows nothing about the Israeli military cruelty. 
As said earlier, Arabs agreed not to agree on anything or struggle to stop the military juggling to safeguard the homelands, considering they are unable to retrieve civil liberties. To a certain extent, they even cause the killing of more weak Palestinian people. Who will take revenge for all the bloodshed and littering corpses?
Gaza is subjected to political debauchery and disorder in its surveillance in and outside the territory. This reflects the weakness of the Muslims who only wear scarves on the shoulder to protest in the streets. The people of Gaza want to keep what remains of their spirits for safety and won’t wait for support from others — as Arabs will not leave their delectable meal tables to join them to receive missiles in their place. 
Arabs will not head towards your direction, although they have the map to Jerusalem. Do not trust any person who promises to protect you. The person who loves and protects will not hurl bottles of water at his enemy when he knows the enemy will retaliate with a sea of blood in which his own children will drown.

By Intisar A-Maatooq

Special to the Arab Times

By: Intisar A-Maatooq

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