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Time to punish, not talk to ‘destroyers’

DESPITE the previous and present incidents, some individuals still talk about a certain majority. They set conditions in front of the nation as if they are the popular majority, disregarding the fact that Kuwaitis made their choices long ago. Citizens have toppled the fake majority which came to the Parliament through electoral alliances, vote-buying and protection of interests through a muddled voting system. Who benefited from the four-vote system? Was it part of democracy? Didn’t the traders of votes prosper under such a system? Didn’t the number of corrupt MPs increase? Do they want us to accept a voting system which makes a number of beneficiaries, who are engulfed in corruption, as permanent guardians of the nation? Do they want us to allow them to constrain the executive authority, stop it from working and make the country pay billions because of laws which are not applied in any other part of the world?
Some people have been calling for dialogue with this group. With whom do you want the country to have a dialogue and reconcile with? You want it to talk and reconcile with those who committed all kinds of crimes and banned activities as they worked against the country. You want it to reconcile with those who lie under mountains of petitions which are all related to provoking violence, working against national security, as well as spreading hatred and sectarianism. Should the country have a dialogue with Abbas Al-Shaabi who took part in riots and tried to destroy public and private properties, or with Musallam Al-Barrack who humiliated the monarchy, or Ahmad Al-Saadoun who always repeats slogans on the alleged tyrants of corruption but never told us who the tyrants are? Why didn’t he punish or hold them accountable when he was the Parliament speaker? Is there a plot behind closed doors? Do you expect the political leadership to sit down and discuss future of the country with those who set public transport buses on fire, broke traffic signals and damaged public and private properties? Do lawbreakers who threaten security and stability of the country have right to take part in deciding future of any country or should they be languishing in jail?
Do you expect the political leadership to dialogue with those who work towards changing nature of Kuwaiti people, as well as their tradition and culture? They spread chaos, coercion, degradation, blackmail, corruption and destruction. They planned to import what they termed as ‘Rabia Adawiyah Square protest’ from Egypt to the Grand Mosque in Kuwait as a way of pushing the country into a serious catastrophe. They stormed into Mubarakiyah Market where they wreaked havoc. Do people like this deserve dialogue, and for what? Do they want another democracy which is better than that of Kuwait, a democracy considered unique among other Arab nations or freedom that surpasses the one they already enjoy? Do they want vulgarity, insult or accusation so they can question whoever is against their opinion while nobody dares to hold them accountable for their actions? 
It is now time to turn the page of the self-proclaimed majority, because the claim is illogical and unreasonable, while it contradicts all democratic norms. Before anything else, it is against Kuwaiti norms, tradition and culture, because Kuwaitis always stand by their leaders. This can be proven through statements made during the meeting held by His Highness the Amir with national dignitaries who supported all procedures taken by the leadership, especially in terms of revoking citizenship of those who do not respect the Constitution and principles of nationalism by disregarding the country which granted them identity. 
Indeed, these are the citizens who have expressed their contentment and reassurance after measures taken by the leadership and executed by the Cabinet, particularly in relation to citizenship. From now on, we will no longer witness the phenomenon of burning buses or changing names of estates with that of outlaws. There will be no more youths challenging police because they have seen their elders doing heinous acts against the nation. There is no majority apart from the people of Kuwait who believe in the country and strive towards national stability. Anything less than that is just a compact disc (CD) with many scratches and we are bored listening to the voices of people with inner sickness. 
Where is the majority these people are talking about? It’s leader, Ahmad Al-Saadoun, was not able to mobilize even three people from Khalidiya to participate in their disappointing march which they called, ‘nation’s dignity’, What nation’s dignity are they talking about when they are the ones transgressing and causing chaos in the country? Isn’t this sheer lie? It is part of fundamental truth for any given majority to have popular representation. This is what applies to Kuwaitis who rally behind the political leadership and support its decisions. Therefore, to say those instigating violence and chaos are the parliamentary majority contradicts the reality. In any election, the parliamentary majority varies and its elements keep on changing. What we are currently experiencing is mere distortion of national will.
Until when will flattery and dreams continue? Is the previous experience of Kuwait not enough for everyone to realize some are keen on destroying the pillars of the country for those inside to fall down?
It is really unfortunate how some people regard the current events as a national crisis. They do not present the real picture of some individuals trying to drag the country towards chaos. At this point, it is unacceptable to play on both sides. Kuwait is neither a circus ring nor a swamp where some people hunt for their interests by misleading others. Real patriotism is not compromising the security and stability of the nation. This is not the time for compromises. It is the time for preventing short-term interests from blocking your vision towards the truth.


 By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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