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‘Cannot clap with one hand’ ‘It is the best possible show’

I watched the final match of the World Football Championship between Germany and Argentina. It was quite exciting, and the outcome was logical and fair to the ‘German Machines’, although the match stretched to extra time. I observed integrated teamwork and developed tactics in group football with total coordination among the players. Also, I noticed the level of ability of the substitute player was the same as the basic player. Sami Khedira was sitting on the bench and the winning goal, counted among the best goals of the championship, was scored by the substitute Goetze. Some analysts even say the goal wasn’t worth scoring in a final match.
I watched the match in the diwaniya of Dr Majid Al-Hajaj, in the company of Engineer Ahmad Al-Shurai who seemingly supported Argentina with Al-Hajaj, while the writer of this article (me) supported Germany; not because of the love for ‘Die Mannschaft’ (nickname for the German national team). This is what happened!
It was clear that Argentina was totally dependent on its player Messi, who without doubt, exerted tremendous efforts in the match. However, one hand cannot clap by itself. Argentina, probably, kept on believing in the age of miracles! Otherwise, is it reasonable for a great team like Argentina to depend solely on one player?
On the face of it, Messi represented two-third of the ‘Tango Danger Team’. Argentina was living on the memories of Mexico and the days of Maradona! Brazil totally counted on its player Nimar, and the Brazilian team in his absence received seven goals from the German Machines. The period of relying on the ability of a single player is over, as the code of football revolves around eleven players who complete each other, and not one player whose absence leads to collapse of the team!
Football has since developed to the stage which necessitates knowledge, study and planning to achieve total advancement. The magical round ball is now shaping economies of many countries and the players are like capital running on green rectangle. For example, enormous sums are invested in football from the club level to the players. 
Manchester City wasn’t strong in the British tournament but funds were pumped in to ensure that the club won the league after Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s acquisition of the club and its value has since doubled, as well as profits. A similar scenario was observed with the French Club.
Paris Saint Germain was purchased by an investment group affiliated to Qatar. Now it is among the strongest clubs not only in French tournaments but Europe and the entire world.
Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale and others, besides seniors like Beckham, Zidane, Luis Figo and others were actually the capital and not just footballers. Football has become a trade and industry, and because of that, thousands of personnel have been employed in several fields and businesses.
I will go back to the wonderful match. I liked the enthusiasm and devotion of the players from both sides. Officiating was superb and the game was excellently organized. There were millions of spectators at the venue, while TV broadcasting was amazing with the professional photography and HD technique, add to the wonderful goal scored by Goetze and level of honor bestowed on the two teams after the final match. 
German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended the match but her Argentine counterpart Cristina was absent. It seems that optimism had played influential part in the blonde’s presence, unlike the brunette Cristina.
It was a wonderful evening with Dr Majid and Engineer Ahmad. I liked their sportsmanship, as they accepted the result without shilly-shallying. They were very convinced with the outcome — as if they wanted to proclaim ‘this is the best show of all’. In fact, the result was fair and convincing. It was an exciting evening and a wonderful final match. Later on, we had delectable meal (Souhour) by kind courtesy of Abu Rashid. It will be difficult not to remember the soiree; it truly deserves to be remembered not only by one article but many articles.

By: Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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