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A government of dignified decisions

THE dignity of the country is epitomized in the decision. This is what Kuwaitis have been waiting for a long time, for the country to be stable again.  People who are greedy for power jeopardized the nation through their plots, which they started to promote occasionally in a bid to achieve their goals by instigating chaos.  
The decisions taken by the government recently gave the citizens a sense of optimism, except a few troublemakers who are now biting their fingernails regretting what they have done.  They now curse the moment when they imagined that, through their plot, they could push the country into the alleys of chaos and destruction.
Well done, the Cabinet for taking decisions as the compass was corrected through them — whether on issues related to societies of public utilities which adhere to law that empowered them to work in fields they have selected with the agreement of the nation, or those concerning citizenship, particularly those who were naturalized. Unfortunately, the newly-naturalized people thought the Kuwaiti citizenship is merely a door of provision or blackmail.  They forgot that it is a sense of belongingness to the homeland.  It is not a station or market in which interests are bought and sold even if this is done at the expense of the destiny of the country and its people.
We are not exaggerating if we say that the recent decisions made Kuwaitis feel they are living in a country which has a strong government with the ability to take decisions.  The government is not under the bondage of one group or the other, and it does not fear the loud voices of those who make blackmails here and there.  It is not a government with the faces of its ministers in Seif Palace while their minds are in livestock pens or suspicious diwaniyas.  We see the ministers standing by their colleagues to express genuine loyalty to Kuwait.  So, these ministers are real rather than proxies of a certain group. 
For the first time, the government takes off the ‘cloth’ of hesitation and moves ahead without trembling.  Kuwait anticipates far beyond electoral interests for certain political blocs and supporting a particular group in the National Assembly to pass a bill or proposal, and even grilling.  All these scenarios used to be executed due to two things: first is about gaining more ground to show that the government is in the pockets of few lawmakers, and the second has to do with weakening State institutions entirely in order to easily control them and sneak into all authorities, including the judiciary to ensure that they become tools in their hands.
What those people are planning for Kuwait is for them to take over the entire country.  Yes, this is their strategic objective because they want the head of the bridge over which they climbed.  They want to retrieve whatever they lost in Egypt through an opportunist group and some people who are suffering from serious madness over governance.  The Council of Ministers has taken a step forward which is what citizens have been expecting, so there is no retreat and no favoritism in decision-making.   

 By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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