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Is trust lacking? Right way to safeguard dignity

IN an unexpected move, the Bahraini Foreign Affairs Ministry tells the US Human Rights envoy Tom Malinowski he is unwelcome and undesirable and must leave the country! Many people wondered why the sudden decision, as the leadership of Bahrain is renowned for solemnity, moderation and calmness, especially in dealing with political issues. Events taking place in the recent past attest to the country’s positive approach to issues. 
The Ruler, the Crown Prince, the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs are good examples of political somberness and diplomacy, thus, the recent turn of events is shocking and surprising for many people. The truth is, the Bahraini leadership is fed up with the strange behavior that defies diplomacy and constitutes direct violation of the country’s sovereign affairs. The concerned authorities had asked the US envoy to obtain necessary approval before conducting public activities or even meeting with the country’s opposition leaders, but the diplomat purportedly violated instructions and met with the opponents of Bahrain without seeking necessary approval of the authorities. 
The Bahraini government courageously issued the decision to dismiss the US envoy without considering the ensuing reaction. The government would have been expected to consult the GCC countries and waited for the green light or political support before taking the crucial step. The action doesn’t downgrade the status of Bahrain but clearly shows earnestness and wisdom in taking care of the situation the right way to protect its dignity and sovereignty. Few hours after Bahrain’s decision to dismiss the US diplomat, the Republic of Germany took a decision to sack one US top CIA official on suspicions of spying, although Germany and Bahrain are reliable allies of the US. They took decisions that may negatively affect their relationships! Is this confirmation that neither the US nor its allies trust each other? 
The US in Obama’s tenure isn’t the US we used to know. Are the recent events approved by the White House or White House is non-federal and might be lacking earnestness and each department does whatever pleases itself? Definitely, the recent affairs between the US and its reliable allies need to be reviewed by the administration. There must be some faults somehow that could do with mending, especially after sacking of the US diplomat by Manama and Berlin firing another CIA operative.
By Yousef Awadh

By: Yousef Awadh

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