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PASS admin indicates raise in staff salaries

KUWAIT CITY, July 13: The management of the Public Authority for Social Security (PASS) has signed a written pledge to support amendment to the salary scales of the employees as a positive response to the basic demands of the employees on a strike, reports Al-Anba daily.

Director General of the authority Hamad Al- Humaidhi said in an official letter that the management supports the amended salary scales presented by the Labor Union. He revealed that the management has already prepared the response to the demands concerning the decisions of the Employees Affairs Department such that some amendments in favor of the employees have been included.

Al-Humaidhi expressed solidarity of the management to the financial demands of the employees, assuring that they have not been sitting on the fence over the issue. He explained that the concerned officials had previously approached the Civil Service Commission over the issue twice in 2011 and 2013, reiterating that the officials, in both occasions, demanded for the approval of salary scale amendment for the employees. Meanwhile, in an earlier report, Al-Humaidhi has held the employees involved in the strike responsible for referring to the board of Civil Service Commission (CSC) for approving or modifying the salary structures, as the CSC board is keen about settling the strike and approving the rights and demands of the employees based on the interests of both sides, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

In a letter addressed to the employees on strike, Al- Humaidhi said the authority had requested for the modification of the salary structures in 2011 and in 2013, indicating that it had referred the demand to CSC to refer it in turn to its board. He revealed that the authority has prepared an elaborate memo regarding the demands. He stressed that the authority has been seriously studying the demands of its employees particularly the issue of salaries, indicating that Article 38 stipulates the responsibility of reviewing and modifying the salary structures of authorities and companies is in the hands of the CSC board.

Modifications to the salary structures are not allowed without obtaining prior approval of the board. Al-Humaidhi said the Public Authority for Social Security does not have the right to approve or modify the salary structures without first referring to the CSC board even if it has an independent budget. He urged the employees on strike to settle their protest and return to their functions and responsibilities, adding that their aim of holding the strike to attract attention to their demands has been fulfilled.

Sources revealed that more than 450,000 transactions and other official documents have been suspended because of the strike, which started on June 28. Meanwhile, a reliable source revealed that the Ministry of Justice is waiting for the response of the CSC board regarding replacing the periodical leave of the Supreme Judicial Council with cash of two-month salary. He said the Undersecretary of Ministry of Justice Abdulaziz Al- Majid has submitted a letter to the Chairman of CSC Board, requesting for the legality of providing cash compensation of two-month salary to judges and public prosecutors instead of their periodical leave. The source requested the board for a quick decision in order to enable the ministry to take necessary legal procedures in this regard.

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