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‘Professional Indian expats enrich our Kuwaiti culture’ ‘Historical ties go back decades’

According to Arab Times, a recent statistical report by the General Immigration Department published by Alam Alyawm daily shows “the total number of residents has reached 2,413,081; 762,471 of them Indians which represent the biggest percentage in the country followed by the Egyptians with 517,973 and Bangladeshis with 181,265 come in third position.” (see Arab Times July 8, 2014).

Many of our Indian expats work in Kuwait as professionals either in the government or the private sector, and a few numbers of Indian expats occupy domestic jobs.

However, what is notable about our Indian friends who work in Kuwait is their excellent reputation for commitment, friendliness, and their devotion to work. I have had personally so many opportunities to witness the excellent work ethics introduced and practiced by Indian expatriates in Kuwait.

Moreover, Indians top expats in Kuwait due to their historical presence in the Gulf region and in Kuwait in particular.

Our historical ties with India, its magnificent people and its rich cultures go back decades, if not centuries.

I would even argue that many Kuwaitis think highly of Indian expats for their commitment, hard work, and for their peaceful coexistence with Kuwaitis and the rest of the expat population.

Many Indian medical professionals for example constitute the backbone of our national health service. Indian nationals work as medical doctors, engineers, as well as excellent nurses, and highly skilled technicians.

I personally have had the honor to work with many Indian professionals, either in my academic work or in the public arena. What one notices immediately about an Indian expat is the great respect they show to their duties and responsibilities in whatever job they occupy. In fact, one will notice immediately a deep sense of duty and responsible behavior in the general Indian work ethics. India is currently transforming to become one of the fast growing economies in the world.

Such Indian economic development would not have started without original and superb work ethics in Indian culture. In other words, there is a richness and variety in the historical Indian culture which promotes principles of hard work, commitment, fulfillment of one’s duties toward work and society. Indian expats in Kuwait are among the most respectable, law abiding individuals in the country.

One of the reasons that many Kuwaitis do actually like and admire our Indian expatriate population is because of their positive conduct, their peaceful and respectable behaviors toward Kuwait and its people. It would not be an exaggeration to argue that Indian positive work ethics and peaceful social interactions have enriched our Kuwaiti culture.

By: Khaled Aljenfawi

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