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Court ‘acquits’ two citizens of possessing, consuming drugs

Court presided over by Judge Abdullah Al- Othman has acquitted two Kuwaiti citizens from possessing and consuming drugs. According to the case files, the arresting officer reported that he stopped a vehicle with tinted glasses, at 5 am due to violation of the law on tinted vehicles. However, the officer discovered that the driver and the passenger were both disoriented. He searched the vehicle and found a suspicious-looking brown item and a bag of pills, which was later tested and discovered to be drugs.

During investigations, both suspects admitted that they were planning to consume the drugs. Defense Lawyer Mohammad Eid Al-Ajmi faulted the search-and-arrest procedures followed by the officer especially since they were conducted without a warrant from the Public Prosecution. He stressed that his clients were not arrested while committing any crime, adding that the case is based only on the testimony of an officer. Lawyer Al-Ajmi explained that driving a tinted vehicle is a traffic violation for which the officer-in-charge is supposed to stop them and only issue a citation.

Two expats acquitted: The Misdemeanor Court of Appeals revoked the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance, which sentenced two expatriates to one-month imprisonment. The court instead acquitted the defendants from the charges of consuming alcohol. Defense Lawyer Khalid Jamal Al- Suwaifan contested the verdict of the Court of First Instance, stressing on the illegality of the procedures followed in arresting his clients.

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