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‘Need to classify Kuwait’s Brotherhood as terrorist’ ‘ICM and SRS are two faces of same coin’

KUWAIT CITY, July 12: MP Nabil Al- Fadhel has called for classifying Kuwait’s Brotherhood Movement as a terrorist group, claiming its members are terrorists and troublemakers, in addition to being the most dangerous branch as it financially supports the movement; hence, the need to uproot it, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Al-Fadhel wondered why the so-called ‘Brotherhood General’ — Mubarak Al-Duwailah — has alleged that the Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM), which is the political arm of Social Reform Society (SRS) that represents the movement, does not have any relation to SRS. “Egypt and three other GCC countries have classified the Brotherhood Movement as a terrorist organization. As Kuwaitis, we should raise doubt on the intention of these countries. We should believe Al-Duwailah, who was ‘created’ by the Brotherhood Movement and thinks it is not necessary to take a step because the media reports are fabricated. He also said that closing the society will not affect them negatively because they have 20 societies,” Al-Fadhel asserted.

Meanwhile, there have been public and parliamentary demands to ask the higher authorities to take a decision against the direct violations committed by SRS. They stressed the need to take precautionary measures to protect the country, maintain national stability and save the youths from the hands of those who trade in the name of religion. Sources said some SRS members have been using religion as cover to achieve personal interests related to foreign agendas, confirming that ICM and SRS are two faces of one coin.

They asked, “Until when we should wait before taking legal procedures against this plague, considering the members of these groups are ready to do anything to achieve their goals?” Furthermore, sources said the different stances adopted by the society and its political arm - ICM - cannot be regarded as a form of disagreement since it is merely a scenario to promote the idea that ICM is independent. By doing this, there is an impression that ICM is not required to act in line with the opinion of the society in order to maintain the latter’s charitable appearance, far away from politics, sources added.

Sources pointed out the image of the society was shaken, particularly after it agreed with ICM to boycott the previous parliamentary elections. Sources said this incident is a confirmation of the society’s involvement in political activities, in addition to supporting ousted president Morsi and rejecting the Egyptian popular revolution against the Brotherhood. In the same context, Al- Shahed daily quoted sources as saying the society does not follow the laws, byelaws and regulations of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor because it interferes in politics.

Sources alleged the society’s recent statement in which it confirmed support for the security of the homeland against any threat aims to destabilize it does not match its previous stances through which it interfered in the affairs of Arab countries. Sources cited as an example the decision of the society to reject the popular revolution against the Brotherhood ruling and call for punishing Field Marshal Al-Sisi who supported the popular revolution and protected Egypt from civil war.

Sources said this happened because the Brotherhood Movement continues to clamor for power at the expense of national interests. Furthermore, SRS members Mohammed Al-Dallal and Hummoud Al-Roumi posted statements on their accounts in a social networking site that the society follows the ideology of the Brotherhood whose higher leadership had instructed the latter to raise the flag of the movement and protect its interests. SRS Head Hummoud Al- Roumi defended the Brotherhood Movement, clarifying its ideology is similar to that of Hassan Al-Banna — founder of the movement.

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