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Fugitives seek shelter in Gaza

UNTIL when can the Gaza Strip shelter the fugitives who are running away from their failures and because of them Israel always sought to kill the peace process and to announce the establishment of the Jewish State? The same Jewish state took kidnapping of three Israelis as an excuse to teach the West Bank and Gaza Palestinians a lesson for reconciling and opting for a unified stance to confront its stubbornness in the face of the peace process which went into coma a long time ago.

Until when can the regime in Tehran mortgage the Gaza Strip for its failures in negotiations with the ‘Five + One’ group in spite of holding the trump cards of negotiations in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen? To what extent will the Palestinians, who have no true person to protect them, shed their blood in the age of ignominy and Arab disunity? Or, is it that those who pay money and supply weapons have the sole right to force the Palestinians wear the cloak the size of their interests?

These questions and others come to the mind of any comptroller who since 2007 has been seeing Gaza mortgaged for the stubbornness of Hamas to be in power. This stubbornness has led to disunity among the Palestinians and given Israel the upper hand to wage singlehandedly three wars during which scores of innocent children and the elderly embraced martyrdom in a war which was forced upon them against their will. They are no different than Hezbollah, who has claimed ‘Divine victory against Israel’.

For eight years now the Tehran regime is the one who has the final say on the Gaza Strip. Yes indeed, that is how Hamas together with ‘Al-Jihad’ wanted the reality to be as painful as it is, and for them — Hamas and Al-Jihad — to become a tool in the hands of Iranian intelligence. These two give no dime to a million-and-ahalf Palestinians who suffer torture at the hands of the Israelis in the small ‘Strip’. They don’t realize that it is they who give Israel the opportunity to realize its goals at the expense of Palestinian blood.

 This is the replica of the Iranian scenario. Indeed, the Arab nations look weak and divided. The ongoing painful events in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, the Sudan, Tunisia and Libya have made the Arabs weaker. Nonetheless, the first step towards protecting the Palestinians should be taken by the Palestinians themselves by admitting their mistakes. Although this resistance has a national responsibility it fights for the heck of it. Unfortunately, this resistance — as we have seen it — is drifting behind the desires of certain regimes. Khaled Mishal sees how the Palestinian children are being killed in Gaza while he enjoys his iftar parties in Doha talking about resistance and victory.

The real national responsibility and even the concept of real resistance are to protect your back, your land and people from the murderers and enemies, and not help them to kill but ‘you’ have become a knife in the hands of opportunists and bloodsuckers. This is what every Palestinian needs to realize. We are not telling them to surrender, but we will also never tell them to be the victims and continue suffering as they have been doing for the past seven years. It is a waste of time for those who bow to the desires of Iran. Gaza’s wounds have been reopened and blood is gushing out profusely. The interests of the Palestinians are not being served in any possible manner.

Even if Hamas emerges victorious in this war, it will still be a great loser. Hamas cannot stop the spilling of the blood; it cannot even provide the people with means of livelihood. In fact, the Palestinians will place Hamas in a regional ‘toolbox’ after Israel, Iran and the US is done with them. However, those innocent unarmed Palestinians will be left to endure the pain and tend to the bleeding wound by themselves. The international community has to stop this massacre of the Palestinians by the Israelis.

Hamas and other such groups have turned themselves into a rescue rope to save Iran from the swamps of Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. However, they should remember that the people cannot continue to bear this torture forever, the torture that is the result of misguided politics adopted by these factions and groups. They have been disqualified from bearing the responsibility of protecting the Palestinian nation.



By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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