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New currency doubts

KUWAIT CITY, July 11: The General Administration of Criminal Investigation has opened an intensified investigation into the fake tape which has been circulated through the social media network about counterfeit new currency banknotes of KD 20 denomination, reports Al- Shahed daily. According to the tape recording the difference between the original and the counterfeit banknote is the exposure under the UV rays. The Central Bank officials have been asked to clarify the issue to assure people since many people have started doubting the quality of the new currency.

Misleading photo: The Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait has published a picture on one of its electronic websites purportedly showing a young man shot in the head, reports Al-Shahed daily. The group claims the man was shot by the Special Forces personnel during a demonstration in front of the Grand Mosque. This is scandalous behavior in every sense of the word because the same photo was published earlier by the ‘Al-Qods News’ of a youth who was assaulted by the Jewish settlers in south Occupied Jerusalem.

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