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Deputy Speaker condemns Israeli ‘bombings’ in Gaza

KUWAIT CITY, July 11: MP Mubarak Al-Khurainij, the Deputy National Assembly Speaker has condemned the recent bombings by Israel in various locations of Gaza, which has resulted in many casualties and injuries among the Palestinian people. Al-Khurainij has held the Israeli government and its army responsible for the crimes that are being committed against the Palestinians in Gaza Strip and West Bank.

He urged the international community to condemn the Israeli attacks and violations, and to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. He stressed the need for unity and reconciliation among the Palestinians, urging them to put aside their differences and unite to face the aggression of the Israeli occupation forces. Al-Khurainij demanded the international community to intervene immediately to stop the Israeli aggression and urged the Arab League to urgently adopt a serious attitude against such repeated violations.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary committee that is investigating the ‘multimillion dollar deposits’ case will next Sunday study the sealed documents of the previous committee that was investigating the case. The Rapporteur of the committee MP Sultan Al-Shimmari said the committee has received responses from concerned bodies such as ministries of Finance and Justice, and the Central Bank of Kuwait about the case.

He explained that the committee, during its next meeting, will open the sealed boxes that contain all the documents of the case which were collated by the previous investigation committee, in order to compare them with the data obtained by the current committee.

Al-Shimmari assured that the committee will end its work on August 5, 2014 and submit its report before the deadline to the National Assembly. In addition, MP Khalil Abdullah submitted parliamentary queries to the State Minister for Housing Affairs Yasser Abul regarding the additional number of applicants for housing welfare.

He said he discovered new applications along with the ones that were submitted from 1985 to 2013 while he was reviewing the ministry’s approved list of housing applications on the website of the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW).

He asked, “What are the reasons for adding 1,445 new housing applications to the existing list of applications that were submitted from 1985 to 2013? Is there a law that allows adding, removing or transferring new housing applications to the old date or vice versa?” He also enquired about the mechanism adopted for presenting housing care applications and placing it in the list based on priority, adding “Is it permissible to prioritize new applicants over old ones who have been waiting for their turn for a long time?

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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