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Counterfeit notes found

KUWAIT CITY, July 10, (KUNA): “A limited and primitive” amount of counterfeit newly-circulated banknotes were discovered and legal procedures are underway to bring whoever was behind that “outrageous” act to justice, CBK Governor Dr Mohammad Al-Hashel said Wednesday. “Detection of the counterfeit banknotes did not make much, which underlines awareness and knowledge of the public regarding high security standards of the banknotes; the first line of defense against opportunists wanting to take advantage through illegal profiting,” Al-Hashel told KUNA.

The sixth issue of the Kuwaiti banknotes is in circulation since June 29. Al-Hashel urged citizens and expatriates alike to deal with the new banknotes with appropriate care and familiarize themselves with their security features, namely the shape of waves on the front side of the note, which changes color with a ring shape when moved back and forth.

The Governor concluded by saying that the CBK is committed to staying abreast to deep-seat the public’s trust in validity of the new banknote issue

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