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‘Brothers’ pull huge amounts of money to spread panic: source ‘Well-trained children took part in protests’

KUWAIT CITY, July 10: Banking sources said that members from the Muslim Brotherhood movement have withdrawn huge amounts of money from banks two days ago to spread panic among citizens and residents, reports Al- Shahed daily.

The source added one of the banks even refused the withdrawal of more than 5 percent and closed its doors one hour earlier to avoid any likely mistakes. The sources pointed out however the rate of withdrawals did not exceed money withdrawn during earlier protests organized by the Muslim Brotherhood. However, withdrawals from banks, especially through the ATM machines have increased significantly, which led to increasing the funds available between KD 50,000 to KD 100,000 per day.

Meanwhile, youths and children who participated in the recent riots and were on the frontlines are highly trained to confront securitymen and in hit-and-run tactics, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting intelligence sources.

The sources explained the country recently witnessed violation of the laws, which leaves no room for doubt that teenagers and children belong to Brotherhood and they are trained by their associations. The Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait has published a picture on one of its electronic websites purportedly showing a young man shot in the head, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The group claims the man was shot by the Special Forces personnel during a demonstration in front of the Grand Mosque. This is scandalous behavior in every sense of the word because the same photo was published earlier by the ‘Al-Qods News’ of a youth who was assaulted by the Jewish settlers in south Occupied Jerusalem.

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