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Private oil sector plan July 15 sit-in Workers demands aplenty

KUWAIT CITY, July 10: Employees of private oil sector have announced their plans to hold a strike from July 15 to ensure their demands are met including the implementation of regulations of the public oil sector in the private oil sector, reports Al- Seyassah daily. In a press statement, the Human Resources Coordinator of the Private Oil Sector Waleed Al- Rashidi said, “There is an unjustified delay in the implementation of the regulations that are implemented in the public oil sector by the council in the board of Kuwait oil workers of the sector in regard”, revealing that he is leading the strike of the officials of the private oil sector. Al-Rashidi explained that, “There are several decisions which are being delayed such as salary increments, health insurance, job titles and equating employees in the private oil sector with their counterparts in the public sector, which were due to be implemented in April this year with its retroactive effects dating from April 2013”

Meanwhile, in an unrelated development, MP Faisal Al-Duweisan has forwarded parliamentary questions to the information minister on various issues, reports Al- Seyassah daily. Al-Duweisan queried about the alleged censorship of some parts of a television series — ‘Al-Afoor’, which is currently being aired by Kuwait Television Network. He wants to know if the allegation is true. If yes, he asked for the legal basis of the decision and if the censored part was in the original script of the program, demanding for the original script with the approval letter from the concerned department. In another question, Al- Duweisan wants to verify the truth of an article published by a local newspaper on July 8 about the KD 400,000 demand made by the Production Sector in the Information City in Egypt for the purpose of presenting and marketing an Egyptian television series — ‘Keyd Al-Hamawat’, considering it did not reach 25 percent of Kuwait Television’s rate in the production of such series. If this is true, he inquired about the total amount that Kuwait TV is supposed to pay for the program.

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