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Landlords cheating - One bedroom Apartment converted to two bedroom

We were looking for a new 2- bedroom apartment and went around Salmiya ... but we were shocked to see the latest trend.

Many landlords have buildings that have one-bedroom flats which are being rented out as two-bedroom apartments.

What we learnt from the caretakers of the buildings is that once the ministry officials visit these buildings and give approval certificates, the landlords illegally create a second bedroom using gypsum partitions in the living room and rent these out as two bedroom apartments.

This is not a rare occurrence as it seems to be happening all over Salmiya. Why is the ministry concerned not taking any action in this regard? What can we do about this issue?

Name withheld
What you have just been pointed out has been going on for a number of years but so far nothing has been done on the issue. Reports allege that the department concerned with tackling this issue — Kuwait Municipality — is aware of the problem but for “some reasons” has been unable/unwilling to eradicate this phenomenon. What the Municipality inspector approve - in a lot of cases - and what is finally the state of the building are two different things.

It is said that the landlords prepare one floor only for inspection after finishing the outer structure of the building and after the approval is obtained everything is changed, from the number and sizes of rooms to even the standard of various fittings used. Over the years, the issue has come up in the Kuwait Parliament a number of times.

The members of Parliament (MPs) have called for a total reform of Kuwait Municipality but nothing has happened so far. MPs believe the above issue and the issue of illegal structures, like addition to houses after encroachment on government land, will never be tackled until the Municipality is reformed. The problem is already being tackled at the highest possible level so there is nothing a common man can do about it. You will just have to wait and see what happens

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