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Kuwaiti fails to get back ‘real-estate’ gift from ex-wife

KUWAIT CITY, July 9: The Court of First Instance has rejected a petition filed by a Kuwaiti citizen against his former wife to take back the gift he gave her when they got married.

The plaintiff requested for the dissolution of the contract of the gift he granted her which includes half of a real estate in Sabah Al-Salem area that is registered in the Real Estate Department. In his petition, he stated that his former wife created many problems for him and had ungratefully filed many petitions against him to get alimony even though he has difficulty managing his expenses because he had married another woman.

During the court session, defense lawyer Attorney Mohammad Mohsen Al-Mutairi stressed that the allegations mentioned by the plaintiff in his petitions are false and cannot be used as an excuse to get back his gift. He explained that the plaintiff followed his whims and divorced his wife three times during their marriage of 17 years even though she was obedient and well-mannered. He further explained that articles 537 and 538 of the civil law permits the return of the gift through court but based on sensible reasons supported with evidences.

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