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Remedios Raymundo with ‘Kyla’ in the hospital
Pinay rape victim with broken jaw reunites with her mother Philippine embassy to render full assistance: Tesorero

KUWAIT CITY, July 8: The Filipino Household Service Worker who was raped then landed in the hospital a few days later after surviving a fall from a building was finally reunited with her mother who flew in to Kuwait this weekend after seeing on ABS-CBN (TV station in the Philippine) Kyla’s appeal that her mother be at her bedside while she is recuperating.

Remedios Raymundo, Kyla’s mom arrived in Kuwait last Friday together with the representative of the manpower agency that deployed Kyla. She had an emotional meeting with Kyla at the Al Razi Orthopedic Hospital after her successful maxillofacial surgery to fix here broken jaw. Present also during the mother and daughter reunion was Philippine Vice-Consul Shiena Tesorero, Kyla’s case officer. Kyla, not her real name, is a 27-year-old single mom and native of Mangatarem, Pangasinan.

She arrived in Kuwait last May 17 and worked for an Iranian employer. She claimed she was raped by the brother of her female employer last June 9. She told her female employer what happened but she did not believe her prompting her to call the manpower agency for help. She went to the agency on June 16 and they filed a case against the suspect at the police station.

However, her employer urged her not to pursue the case in exchange for her immediate repatriation. Her employer warned her that the case would drag on for 10 years. Kyla said she wanted to go to the Philippine embassy to seek help but she was locked inside a room at her agency’s building.

So she tied up the bedsheets and tried to escape out the window. But she fell from the second floor, sustaining broken jaw and left shoulder and spraining her right hand “I’m very happy right now that I’m now in Kuwait and I’ve seen my daughter. But I also feel sad at the same time seeing her hapless condition. I would like to thank all the Filipinos and everyone who helped my daughter. As of now, I still don’t know what to do but my main priority is the full recovery of my daughter.

I hope for her speedy recover so we can already go home to the Philippines,” stated Raymundo. Kyla who still has difficulty in speaking cannot contain her happiness when she saw her mother in the hospital. “To all those who helped me on my case, thank you very much. To ABS-CBN, to my family, thank you. I hope and pray that I get well soon,” shared Kyla.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait is bent on pursuing the rape case against the brother of Kyla’s female employer who allegedly raped her. “We briefed the mother on the legalities on the case. And together with the subject OFW, they have requested to the re-opening of the rape case against the offender. The embassy stands ready to render full assistance on this matter,” explained Tesorero.

By: Michelle Fe Santiago Arab Times Staff

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