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Woman wins back custody of her son

KUWAIT CITY, July 8: The Cassation Court canceled the verdict of Appeals Court which revoked the custody right of a mother to her son and gave it to the father. The court presided over by Judge Ibrahim Al-Mulla rejected an appeal filed by the father and again awarded the guardianship to the mother. Case file indicated the father filed a petition against the mother asking for termination of her custody right to their son and annulment of all allowances ordered by law for the child who is above seven years old, noting the father should be the guardian at this point in time based on Jafari doctrine. Attorney Ali Al-Ali asked for rejection of the petition and implored the court to oblige the plaintiff to pay the legal cost, emphasizing his client is Sunni and legally permitted to take care of the son.

Status rectified: The Court of Appeals ordered the Ministry of Interior and the Central System for Remedying Status of Illegal Residents (CSRSIR) to rectify the error in the identification documents of two siblings where their citizenship has been specified as Iraqi instead of Bedoun. Counsel to the plaintiffs Attorney Fraih Al-Kouh explained that the two sisters were born in Kuwait to a Bedoun father and Kuwaiti mother. Their father had served meritoriously in the Ministry of Defense and he had received a certificate of honor on 18 September 1991 from Sheikh Hamad Fahad Al-Sabah for his outstanding performance during the Gulf War. Attorney Al-Kouh further explained that his clients were raised and educated in Kuwait. CSRSIR had issued security cards and traveling passports for them while one of them was also issued with a driver’s license. However, they were shocked when they renewed their security cards in 2011 to discover that their citizenship had been changed to Iraqi. Attorney Al-Kouh stressed that his clients had nothing to do with Iraq and they wondered how their nationality was changed to a country where they did not belong.

Man acquitted: The Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Mohammed Bahman, acquitted a person of smuggling 12 subsidized diesel tankers by importing and then exporting them as scrap iron. Lawyer for the accused, Attorney Ali Al-Asfour, argued in court the charge sheet which includes a statement from the Customs Department is imposed on the institution that the accused represents and he knows nothing about it. Al-Asfour also pointed out loopholes in the investigation process as it did not prove that his client is guilty, asserting the commodities available in the Customs Department cannot be considered evidence of the smuggling operation. He demanded the acquittal of the accused due to the absence of incriminating evidence, claiming the case is surrounded with controversies

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