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Don't show any mercy

THE action taken by frenzied people, who went out to defend their so-called 'conscience' and committed a crime, including the one who was released on bail recently and exhibited offensive behavior against national security after leaving the jail, is nothing but mere destruction, road blockage, encroachment on private and public properties, attack on securitymen and wielding of weapons.


Is this the ideology they want for Kuwait? Do they want to destroy the country, instigate chaos, promote sectarianism, bring back practices during the Iraqi invasion by changing the names of certain areas, fabricate pictures of injuries along their lines and seek foreign assistance? 

The Brotherhood Movement followed the same line as it provoked the people to move against the country while encouraging illegal activities and malpractices against security. Thus, the alliance between destroyers and outlaws who deceive children and teenagers, along with a group which supports terrorism to achieve its goals, has been unveiled. Did the people understand the recent speech of HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah who talked about a well-studied plot targeting Kuwait or they want more evidence? 

Perhaps, the Brotherhood Movement, regardless of the names of its affiliates, should realize that the hands of the clock will never go back, because burying its big project in Egypt entails burying all its weapons in the Arab world especially the GCC countries, particularly Kuwait which the group burnt more than anybody else. Consequently, this gang will not be revived. Any group which seeks assistance of the gang and all destroyers will be burned by the fire of popular condemnation.

What happened in the last few days was a manifestation of the judicial authority's implementation of the law and other concerned authorities which adhered to it. Therefore, everyone should abide by the law because no one is above it.  

Nonetheless, if these people are really keen on implementing reforms, we would like to tell them that the first steps must be to abide by the law and to respect the institutions which are for everyone, not just a few. Reforms will not be implemented through destructive marches, riots, disruption of public order and execution of vicious plans which target the whole region. Worst of all, suspicion looms over links between the recent incidents in certain neighboring countries and those who have been trying to instigate chaos in the country. 

The ongoing events in the country can be considered one of the worst misleading campaigns organized by opportunists and outlaws who keep on trying to take control over all authorities in the country but they have failed repeatedly. Their failure is attributed to the fact that Kuwait is a country of institutions. Its citizens will not allow those who paralyzed development, filled up their pockets and gained electoral glory by providing services full of corruption to lead them. Above all, the people of this nation will not be led by any member of a group which stood against them during tough times. Actually, the group is involved in a conspiracy against the people.

It is true that this group and its affiliates managed to infiltrate several State institutions which they turned into avenues for 'buying' loyalty, yet the people have not forgotten the dark history of the Brotherhood. People will never forgive those who committed sins against them. 

No intimidation or threat, such us referring the country to the international court, will stop the concerned authorities from applying the law on everyone. Calls for demonstrations, riots and offending the judiciary are merely part of desperate attempts to reverse the destiny created by destroyers. Their practices and declarations are just like putting more soil on their political project. After the recent riots, their project is nothing but an attempt to wreak havoc in the country.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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