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Latest news about issuance of various visas for Pakistanis

What is the latest news about issuance of various visas for Pakistanis. Is it true all kinds of dependent visas will be issued to Pakistanis very soon.

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There is a lot of conflicting news on the issue so we can’t really say “yes” or “no”. This has been happening for the last four years and every time as soon as people’s hopes of a breakthrough are raised, these hopes come crushing down. So, we will not try to raise people’s hopes unnecessarily. In spite of the above we will give you the latest details on the issue and then let you decide the way things are going. Recently the Pakistani Ambassador to Kuwait said that Kuwait would very soon start issuing work permits for Pakistanis but he did not give any date for the lifting of the ban which has been in place for nearly four years.

On the other hand, Kuwait recently announced that foreigners could obtain visas from its embassies around the world but Pakistan with five other countries — Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and Bangladesh — were excluded from this measure.

This is not a positive sign. Meanwhile, dependent visas are only being issued to a certain category of Pakistanis currently working in the Kuwait public sector and even that with a lot of conditions attached.

Under this policy, Pakistani workers can bring their families to Kuwait but the male children should not be over 15 years old and the female children’s age should not exceed 18 years.

There have been reports that the ban on dependent visas could be lifted as early as June this year but all these reports come from “sources” and not from any senior Kuwaiti official. So, until some concrete steps are announced by Kuwait’s Interior Ministry all these reports must be treated as mere rumors.

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