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Kuwait, Saudi Arabia prime targets of Brotherhood: report ‘Destabilizing plan already under way’

 KUWAIT CITY, July 7: The Gulf States have become a direct target of the Muslim Brotherhood and their terrorist and sabotage acts, especially after they carried out three attacks in three countries — the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain, at the same time and in different ways, taking advantage of the spiritual atmosphere of the holy month of Ramadan, reports Al-Shahed daily.

According to intelligence reports the Gulf countries, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are the prime targets of the leaders of the international Muslim Brotherhood organization which recently met in Istanbul, capital of Turkey and chose to exploit the month of Ramadan to carry out sabotage operations.

The sources pointed there are plans to begin operations in Kuwait, for instance, direct confrontation with the securitymen, questioning the authority of the judiciary. To set the plan rolling, they began with confronting the securitymen and promote instability.

In Saudi Arabia, the situation was different and plans were drawn to bomb government and vital facilities. The sources explained July 3, the day President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt was ousted from office, was chosen to begin the operations and a special operations room was established to destabilize security in the Gulf states.

The sources said the Muslim Brotherhood carried out the drawn plans perfectly in Kuwait, where they pushed their trained members to block roads, burn tires, as happened in the suburb of Sabah Al-Nasser

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