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‘Army can deploy units on extension of borders’ Source refutes rumors on Iraqi forces’ withdrawal

 KUWAIT CITY, July 7: The Kuwaiti Army can deploy military units without restrictions on the extension of the northern borders which extend to 217 kilometers, indicating that the neutral area extends to five kilometers in the Kuwaiti territory and 10 kilometers in the Iraqi side, reports Al-Anba daily quoting a security source.

The source pointed out the issue now is related to national security, so Kuwait has the right to deploy military units along the borders to protect the nation. He affirmed the military is ready to replace about 800 officers and non-commissioned officers stationed on the borders.

The source also refuted rumors that Iraq has withdrawn its forces from the borders since Iraqi officers are still on duty in those areas. He pointed out the high-tech surveillance system can compensate for the shortage of officers, warning at the same time that most thermal cameras which monitor the border depths have broken down as no maintenance works have been carried out on them for quite a long time

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