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‘Compulsory military service today’s need’ ‘Region in dire straits’

 KUWAIT CITY, July 7: The leadership of the country has given clear instructions to the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al- Khalid to confront the riot and violence phenomena while at the same time stressing on the need for the concerned security organizations not to remain idle when the security of the country is endangered and the property of citizens and residents is subjected to damage, reports Al-Seyassah daily. In a parallel development, reliable sources said that serious attempts have been made to re-introduce the conscription service to reinforce the efforts to preserve Kuwait’s security in the face of developments taking place in neighboring countries. Sources indicated the recent local, territorial and international developments have made it mandatory on the nation to approve the draft law for compulsory military service.

Draft law
The Interior and Defense Committee of the National Assembly will meet during the summer to approve that draft law which has been welcomed by the government and the Parliament, say sources. The sources also disclosed the concerned authorities are studying the possibility of holding an emergency session of the Parliament which is in recess to approve this draft law to enforce it before the end of the current year. Some neighboring countries like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, sources say, are preparing to approve the conscription draft law to contain youth in the military organization and protect them from the dangers which do not serve the country. MP Talal Al-Sahli urged Kuwait to protect national unity and support the political leadership which is the safety valve of the country by prioritizing the language of dialogue and wisdom particularly during these days and under the current circumstances of political unrest in some neighboring countries. MP Faisal Al-Kandari says he put his trust in the wisdom of the nation because of its ability not to accept dragging the country into mess. He stressed on the need for Kuwait to pass this current phase safely.

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