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Kuwaiti, girlfriend acquitted in drugs case

KUWAIT CITY, July 6: The Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Adnan Al-Jasser, acquitted a citizen and his girlfriend of possessing hashish and drug paraphernalia after they were arrested along the Fifth Ring Road. Lawyer for the accused — Attorney Abdulmohsen Al- Qattan argued the procedures taken in arresting his clients were illegal as the officer did not obtain a warrant of arrest. He also pointed out the suspects were not arrested red-handed. He then requested for the acquittal of his clients due to the absence of incriminating evidence.

Trio absolved: The Court of Cassation upheld the verdict of the Court of Appeals that acquitted three Kuwaitis of deliberately beating and causing severe injuries to a youth inside a restaurant. The verdict overturned the decision of the First Instance Court which earlier sentenced the defendants to three years imprisonment for the offense. According to the case file, the plaintiff’s uncle had reported to the police station of area that his nephew was physically attacked by three unknown persons. He was then taken to a hospital for treatment. Defense counsel of the first and second defendants Lawyer Abdullah Al- Elanda faulted the allegations against his clients on claims that investigations had exonerated his clients, citing inconsistencies in the testimony of the prosecuting officer.

Car firm held guilty: Commercial Circle of the Court of Appeals rejected a lawsuit and ordered the owner of a car company to pay the legal charges in a case in which the plaintiff (owner of a car company) sued a citizen (the defendant) for KD 5,480 in damages based on a promissory note the citizen signed to rent a car. Representing the citizen, Lawyer Fawaz Al-Khateeb told the court that his client was below 21 years old and disallowed by law to sign such legal financial contracts. He pointed to greed on side of the plaintiff, which he stressed instigated him to allow an underage person to sign the financial contract; thus, the plaintiff was made to take full responsibility of his actions, in addition to paying the legal charges

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