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Equal indemnity for govt, private sectors, says law ‘Over 300,000 workers to benefit’

KUWAIT CITY, July 6: More than 300, 000 Kuwaiti employees in the public and private sectors will benefit from the End-of-Service Law passed by the Parliament recently, says Human Resources Development Committee Chairman MP Yakoub Al-Sanei. Al-Sanei explained the law protects the end-ofservice rights of Kuwaiti employees to guarantee they enjoy good living conditions upon retirement.

He said the law stipulates equal end-ofservice rights to all citizens working in the two sectors through a unified mechanism in which a small percentage is deducted to ensure no one will tamper with the savings of the country in terms of distributing financial benefits.

He cited as an example an employee whose salary is KD1,500 upon end of service, his indemnity will be calculated as follows: KD1,500x18 months = KD27,000. If 2.5 percent is deducted — KD1,500 x2.5 = KD37.5 and calculate the amount in the year that is 37.5x12 = KD450, then this will be multiplied by 18 months KD450x18 =KD8,100 which will be deducted from KD27,000, the indemnity will be KD18,900.

Meanwhile, member of the committee Auda Al-Ruwaiee urged Finance Minister Anas Al-Saleh to issue the executive bylaws of the Indemnity Law during the parliamentary recess to serve the interests of all Kuwaiti employees in the public and private sectors, as well as the civilian and military personnel.

He argued that if the law is implemented on Jan 1 next year, all those appointed after this date will benefit from it. He said those receiving KD1,500 salary will get the indemnity as per the calculation above; while for those receiving less than KD1,000 maximum of KD 200 will be added to their basic salary so that they will be granted 18 months.

Al-Ruwaiee also asked the government to establish a department in the Public Institution for Social Security to respond to the queries of citizens regarding the Indemnity Law.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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