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Dr Mirza Umair Beg
A change in making as youths ‘move’

SOME time back an Indian TV channel organized a function in which twenty five prominent Indians were felicitated by the President of India for excellence in their respective fields. Most of the celebrities talked about the role of their parents in setting the path of their successes. They owe what they are today to their parents.
In today’s era of globalization their message assumes special importance when there is a phenomenal migration of people from one place to another, one city to another city, one country to another country. Unlike in olden times when generations lived at one place, today even members of one family are spread throughout the world.
Nowadays progress means to be on the move. The youth of today can adjust to this new social phenomenon, they can accept moving away from their loved ones for better future and can find friends to live their lives. The problem is for those parents who are left behind and do not have the means and time to adopt to this change. The very concept that children will look after their parents when they need their support is practically becoming difficult day by day.

We can’t always blame the children because in many situations it is the pressure on their lives that they do not live with their parents. The biggest taboo is the norms have of the society, and these norms have developed in centuries but the world has changed a lot in the last 50 years or so. In such a short time within which human exchange among countries started and better opportunities made available to youth the movement was triggered.
Many children who are better placed in different countries provide financial support but in many other cases it doesn’t work as it should be. Many parents are well to do but what they desire is to have their children around them in old age. What is lacking today is not the recognition of the problem but the social acceptance of the fact. Once we accept the fact that in majority of cases the children who moved away to pursue their future cannot come back when their parents need them, then only concrete steps by the society will be taken in this direction.

Youth of today, especially from countries where leaving alone your parents is considered a sin, have to grow up with an understanding that socially accepted institutions can only provide support to their loved ones. It is essential to create “Retirement Refuge” or a better term “Retirement Resorts”. May be insurance and investment companies can come forward to create such places where one can buy or rent a shelter with facilities to support elderly people.
We have to create a group of social workers who spare an hour or so to spend with elderly people extending emotional and physical support without considering whether they are their parents or their friends or neighbors’ parent or absolutely alien. Everyone has to contribute towards the creation of such institutions or be a part of selfless service to humanity.

By Dr Mirza Umair Beg
Senior Scientist, KISR, Kuwait

By: Dr Mirza Umair Beg

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