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Family members of ‘accused’ to be deported ‘Promoters of drugs, weapons & beggars’

KUWAIT CITY, July 5: Security systems in the Interior Ministry will deport with the family any person who promotes drugs or weapons or beg after enforcing the legal deterrent penalty in this domain, security sources said. The same sources added Interior Ministry will deport the 19 beggars arrested in different parts of the country along with their families, and the deportation process applies to GCC citizens as well.

They stressed that instructions have been issued by top security officials in the ministry to refer any person arrested for promoting drugs to the Public Prosecution, and after enforcing the legal penalty, the culprit will be deported with his family, adding the same procedure will be applied on those who trade weapons. They noted new procedures and extensive operations will be conducted by the Criminal Investigation Department and security teams dispatched to various parts of the country, affirming the operations led to apprehending a gang of GCC citizens and Kuwaitis that smuggled weapons into the country to sell.

Sources made it clear that weapon trading in the country is under surveillance and each person found promoting weapons will be arrested, and legal action will be taken against them without leniency. They added the Criminal Security Sector at Interior Ministry addressed the border outlets and Customs on the need to follow the inspection procedures at the borders to nail smugglers who pump weapons into the country.

They noted the recent operation that led to confiscating a large amount of weapons and ammunition was under observation, until security forces raided the house of the culprits and seized the weapons and ammunition, adding the ministry will announce other raids later. Sources said the team for collection of weapons affiliated to Criminal Investigation Department managed to arrest 150 people in possession of weapons and referred them to Public Prosecution They reiterated security operatives are monitoring websites and social networking sites to follow weapon trading activities and those who put weapons as profile pictures to arrest them

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