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Several MPs depict recent riots as planned plot to spread chaos More demonstrations held in support of Al-Barrak

KUWAIT CITY, July 5: Several lawmakers and personalities described rioting that took place Thursday evening in Sabah Al-Nasser and Al- Rigga as a programmed plot to spread chaos in the country. The Interior Ministry has since issued a warning to strictly deal with chaos, violence and any kind of incitement, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Meanwhile, the supporters of former MP Musallam Al-Barrak staged demonstrations in Sabah Al-Nasser area to protest against the arrest of Al-Barrak who is currently in custody.

The former lawmaker is undergoing further investigations in a lawsuit filed against him by the chairperson of the Supreme Judicial Council Faisal Al-Marshed, together with other two judges who accuse Al-Barrak of insulting the Supreme Judicial Council and slandering its chairperson. The demonstration escalated to riots after the special riot police were deployed in the area to disperse the demonstrators who had started causing damage to public and private properties, in addition to disturbing public order. Only one casualty was reported.

Meanwhile, the Kuwait Human Rights Society (KHR) issued a statement urging the Interior Ministry to respect the rights of those arrested during the riots, in accordance with the Constitution and international pacts related to human rights in which Kuwait is signatory, especially the pact that denounces torture or any kind of inhumane treatment those arrested may go through.

The Human Rights Society mentioned it received reports that former MP Musallam Al-Barrak who is currently in police custody is mistreated and his rights are violated by delaying his medication, switching off the air condition and electricity, among other things that will constitute infringement of human rights guaranteed by Constitution and law, if proved.

The society also denounced the publication of pictures in which Al- Barrak is seen in prison uniform, which according to the society, could increase political tension at a time when the situation is already tense, noting such irresponsible actions may lead to unnecessary escalation that will only benefit those who harbor ill-intentions against the beloved country, Kuwait. In the meantime, a number of political activists believe Kuwait’s Brotherhood Movement is keen on using the case of Musallam Al- Barrak to escalate tension and provoke chaos in the country in order to reach the authority.

They said the movement’s members are exaggerating the case of Al- Barrak through Twitter as a way to spread chaos in the country. They attributed the recent chaos to the absence of respect for laws, indicating the demonstrations in Kuwait coincided with that of Egypt to commemorate the ouster of the Brotherhood there. They pointed out this clearly proves there is coordination amongst members of the group to incite chaos in Kuwait at this particular time.

Political Science Professor of at Kuwait University Dr Abdullah Al- Ghanim said the International Organization of Brotherhood Movement, Kuwait’s branch, which is known as Islamic Constitutional Movement, is known for trying to take advantage of certain situations to achieve their goals. He alleged the group has been attempting to drag the country into political tension and chaos just to realize their objectives.

Meanwhile, former Minister of Oil Attorney Ali Al-Baghli said Kuwait’s Brotherhood Movement is apparently coordinating with their counterpart in Egypt to spread chaos in the country by using the case of Al-Barrak. He asserted the Brotherhood members are moving in accordance with the instructions of their international organization. He added Al-Barrak was arrested because he launched offensive phrases against the judiciary, so his relatives, along with members of his tribe and constituency carried out demonstrations.

However, he finds it strange that Brotherhood movement members joined the line through their tweets to provoke crises and spread chaos in the country, as a means to attack the securitymen and judiciary. He accused the movement’s chapter in Kuwait of being ungrateful because the government gave them the chance to occupy high positions, yet they keep on trying to reach the authority by all means.

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