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People waiting turn to get ‘Irani’ bread.
Long queues for ‘Khubbuz’ - Public airs grievances

KUWAIT CITY, July 4: A number of individuals have addressed several issues concerning public welfare to various state officials through Twitter website. One of the issues they addressed was the need to change the work timings of municipality laborers who clean the roads and collect garbage due to the extremely hot weather.

They asked the Kuwait Municipality officials to change working timings of the laborers to after the breaking of fast and the midnight meal (Suhour) instead of their current timings when they forced to work under the intense heat that sometimes surpasses 50 degrees Centigrade. They asked the officials to consider the plight of the laborers from a humanitarian perspective especially since most of them are Muslims who are fasting.

Furthermore, they posted pictures of citizens and expatriates waiting in a long queue in front of traditional bakeries for the famous bread — Khubbuz Irani. They revealed that most of the bakeries are closed during the month of Ramadan except for a few, which forces the public to wait for more than 30 minutes for their turn, stressing the shortage of bakeries in many areas of the country.

They asked the concerned officials to intervene due to the importance of this type of staple food especially during the month of Ramadan when the demand for it increases.

They also requested transportation companies and the Ministry of Public Works to rehabilitate bus stops along various main roads, indicating that the bus stops are usually crowded due to the small area where people stand while waiting for buses. They demanded the concerned authorities to ensure the bus stops are shaded especially during the summer season so that the users of public transport are protected from the intense heat while waiting for buses.

By: Khalid Al-Hattab Al-Seyassah Staff

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