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‘Solution soon for axed supervisors’ Uproar over traffic rush

KUWAIT CITY, July 3: Secretary General of the Government Manpower Restructuring Program (GMRP) Fawzi Al- Majdali has said the issue of ‘’food supervisors’’ who were laid off will be resolved soon, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, reports Al-Rai daily.

Al-Majdali pointed out that a recent meeting of the Ministry of Education attended by the Assistant Undersecretary of Financial Affairs Fahad Al-Qais and the Assistant Undersecretary of Administration Affairs Yusuf Al-Mazru’i, in the presence of Bandar Al- Rashid, the Assistant Secretary of Government Manpower Restructuring Program determined the possibility of solving the issue of ‘’food supervisors’’ in the Education Ministry who were dismissed.

He indicated the ministry is studying the possibility of transferring the contracts of the supervisors to private companies dealing with the ministry, and the issue will be concluded in two weeks. He pointed out that unemployment law will be implemented to secure 60 percent of the basic salaries of supervisors together with other allowances, in addition to financial support of KD 220 for a period of six months—as done for those who have been laid off from work if the contracts will not be transferred to private companies.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated development, Hussein Ashour, leader of the youth campaign group against traffic congestion, “When Will Traffic Congestion Stop?”, expressed displeasure concerning the crazy traffic congestions, especially since the beginning of Ramadan, reports Al- Seyassah daily. Ashour declared the rate of traffic congestions across the country within the few early days of Ramadan is unbearable for citizens and expatriates by all standards.

He asked, “Is it reasonable for people to get stuck in such traffic conditions while fasting in a very high temperature that exceeds 50 degrees?” He indicated that people have been contending with perpetual traffic congestions day and night, which has been working against spiritual inclination during Ramadan. He was surprised the traffic is this bad even when high schools and universities are on vacation. He exclaimed, “If this is the situation at the early days of summer holiday, what should we expect at the beginning of a new semester?”

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