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A moron’s end

THE tranquility, which enveloped minds of people after the speech delivered by HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, has been reinforced due to the recent decisions taken by the Public Prosecution. This means the official institutions have been translating the Amir’s speech into real actions in order to forestall the frivolity that some troublemakers and selfish people, who fish in muddy water, are trying to embark on.

Throughout the past period, people wondered when the stupid man will stop questioning the honor, character and wealth of every citizen. He has been pushing people against State institutions due to frivolous suspicions and false information, yet nobody has taken any action against him.

Laxity in implementing the Constitution has given this man and others like him a free day to attack the authorities and national symbols, such that they always question the latter’s patriotism, honor and wealth. They did not spare the judiciary which they accused of politicization and corruption. They did not stop at that, as they went ahead in regarding themselves as above the law. They believe they have absolute control over the government, up to the extent of choosing judges who will sit on their cases and prosecutors who will interrogate them. Their action is unprecedented in the history of nations and political activities.

This scene has agitated public ire and shock, and fear of the looters behavior transformed the country to a crime hub. The behavior of the moron and some of his hooligans aimed at crippling the entire State establishments.
We concur that we are in a country of transparency and law, but crime the person in question committed together with his kind cannot be ignored or overlooked, because he rendered himself above the law, which made the public believe they watched a movie called “ancelotti family”, where the leader of the mob is untouchable regardless what he does.

However, the higher voice of HH the Amir has brought us back to reality and in the wings of an able country which can never be subdued with a group of slanderers and people who are only concerned about personal benefits. Indeed, events that happened in the past, especially the practices of the group, were well-orchestrated to take control of every state domain. It started by paralyzing the National Assembly and the Government through flooding both of them with interpellations and fact-finding committees, followed by series of laws that restricted the Executive authority, and finally the attempt to impose parliamentary dictatorship on all authorities, which was preliminary move to impose its will on the entire country.

Yet, when that plot was aborted, the group resorted to the street and tried to depict the issue of ‘modifying the voting system’ as a national case. However, the group found itself again within the ‘ring’ of failure. It then resorted to the style of raising doubts on three authorities as a last attempt to achieve its goal.

Moreover, the group posted statements on various social networking sites, including threats full of vocabularies common in political speeches of the Brotherhood and Islamic Constitutional Movement members. This is in addition to Twitter users who were hired to create an impression that the issue signals the beginning of a revolution in Kuwait. Nonetheless, this attempt also failed and it was almost the last attempt before approving the ‘death’ of the group.

Today, after applying the law on their bigmouths, we saw how those people began deleting their posts from the websites because they have realized the State of law does not neglect the rights of the homeland and its people. The law does not negotiate when it comes to stability regardless of the price.
If this step was taken in time and the institutions, which are concerned with security and stability did not show leniency to those individuals or any person who manipulates the social, economic and security sectors, or security in general, it would have relieved all Kuwaitis and helped them get out of the worrisome situation they have been experiencing for quite some time.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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